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WritersPerHour.com Review

WritersPerHour.com Review
WritersPerHour.com Review

Service Review

This website did not make a positive first impression on me. The layout is too simple. It appears to be a high school effort.


The website’s content, on the other hand, is too complicated. The phrases go on and on. “Our team of highly competent writers are specialists in a broad variety of areas and are able to assist you with all forms of academic writing bla bla…” is an example.


Oh, my goodness! For a basic message, there are many words.


The impression I got after ordering an essay from WritersPerHour.com was the same: too many words, too little essence.


To discover out how it went, see my WritersPerHour review.

The list of services is rather extensive. The many types of papers are displayed in alphabetical order in the pricing calculator.


This group can handle any type of analysis paper, article, coursework, critical and creative writing duties, IB internal assessment, IB ToK essay, marketing strategy, rhetorical analysis, and more.


This was an excellent list. It covers the fundamental assignments that may be found elsewhere. However, I see some development in the market, with services that include more current project kinds.


The only issue is that I don’t believe these authors are capable of completing all of the tasks.

Prices Review

The prices are rather high. I wasn’t expecting such expensive quotations per page from a relatively unknown provider.


To be fair, they begin at a modest level. An essay may be purchased for as little as $11.99 per page. It does, however, come with a 30-day deadline. Let’s face it: no student will place an order for a paper so early. Most people are looking for short deadlines, which are rather costly on this site.

On your first order, Writers Per Hour will give you a 15% discount. Returning customers are not eligible for any discounts. But after only one encounter with this group, I’m not sure who would return to them for additional content.

Content Quality

I placed an order for a Master’s paper with a two-day deadline. For this transaction, I received a quote of $31.99 per page, which was lowered by the 15% discount.


Two days had passed. There’s no paper. I called customer service. “I believe your writer isn’t done yet,” I was told, “so you’ll have to wait.” I asked for a refund, but they ignored my request. I received my paper four days after placing my request. There will be no partial reimbursement due to the delay.


For this price, the quality was insufficient. It wasn’t even close to Master level. I was astonished to find grammatical errors and tense problems. These authors are obviously not native English speakers. I have no prejudices towards non-native English speakers.

Customer Support Agents

They are disrespectful and do not solve problems.


This website has what appears to be a live chat feature. It is not, however, a live chat; rather, it is a message form. You’ll have to leave a message and wait for a response because the agents are never online.


The agents responded within six hours in my situation. The main issue was that they were uninterested in my problems. They made no attempt to remedy the problem. By asking where my paper was, they made me feel like I was doing something wrong.

Final Thoughts

I think WritersPerHour has a lot of promise. But I didn’t see anything.


The list of services was the only aspect of this service that I enjoyed. I’m hoping that it will motivate other businesses to add additional sorts of items to their offerings.


However, I discovered that Writers Per Hour couldn’t complete even the most basic project: an essay. For me, it was a catastrophic experience. My paper did not arrive on time. I paid a high amount for poor quality and received no return.

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