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Ultius.com Review

Ultius.com Review
Ultius.com Review

Service Review

Ultius.com is not your typical writing service website. I discovered comprehensive information on everything on this website, along with some unusual features I hadn’t seen before. For instance, Ultius features a system that allows consumers to control their orders by blocking the authors they don’t like.


The reputation, however, contradicts what is stated on the website. The testimonials on their website virtually ever resemble those seen elsewhere on the Internet. I continued my investigation for this Ultius review because of this.

The four service areas at Ultius.com are writing, editing, business, and admissions. All of the papers that students get while pursuing their education fall under the first category. The fact that every paper I could think of was on this list struck me as a huge plus.


The second category includes papers that students have completed but that still require revision before submission. Business principles apply to resumes and other employment-related paperwork you may need to obtain an interview after completing your education. Finally, admission documents assist you in enrolling in the colleges you choose. All of this adds up to a magnificent service, which would be fantastic if the cost and quality were also excellent. Let’s investigate the situation.

Prices Review

All fees, with the exception of those for entry services, are listed on Ultius’ pricing page. You would need to contact their customer care if you wanted to buy any form of entrance document. Thank goodness that one is always there.


Ultius.com has a premium fee for its services. In my opinion, the prices shown above are a little on the high side, but the combined reductions make them appear better. Of course, it remains to be seen if the quality is as high as the prices imply. If it’s not and all those negative reviews are accurate, Ultius is a pricey service that doesn’t deliver what you pay for.

The least expensive writing quotation Ultius offers is $17.90, which is what an undergraduate student may pay with a 20-day deadline. Of course, deadlines like that are practically never given to high school pupils, so it is safe to say that nobody actually has the lowest rate.


The levels rise and the deadline shortens, causing a swift upward movement in the pricing. For high school level work, they might cost as much as $54 per page if the student orders it in less than three hours. This is a fantastic choice for a tight deadline, but the cost is prohibitive for a student.

Content Quality

Prices like this would quickly deplete a student’s financial resources, particularly if they frequently require assistance. I anticipated fantastic quality that would make it all worthwhile given the price I spent. The quality, however, was far from excellent. After spent a fortune on a single paper, I did not want to receive anything that was ordinary.


The paper I received wasn’t too badly written, but it required work and wasn’t at all deserving of a good score. It was clear that the writer didn’t care to follow the guidelines even though it didn’t contain any errors that would suggest their writers are not native speakers or are uneducated.

Customer Support Agents

I chatted with the customer service representatives about the issue with the paper’s length and the quality I received. These agents did not assist me in resolving my issue, despite their kind answers. They said that I wasn’t entitled to a revision since I couldn’t uncover any mistakes or instances of plagiarism, therefore I didn’t obtain one. Apparently, Ultius.com’s free revision policy is unconcerned with the calibre of the work or adherence to the criteria.


Additionally, the support service representatives were quite sluggish. I had to wait a while for an initial answer, and after that, I was passed around to multiple agents before they even addressed my issue with the publication and the writer.

Final Thoughts

Good costs should be accompanied by high quality, but Ultius most definitely falls short on both counts. Although their selection of papers and client service are excellent, students seeking such assistance nonetheless prioritise high-quality material.


As a result, I don’t think Ultius is the greatest company to work with and advise you not to squander your money getting papers from them.

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