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ThePensters.com Review

ThePensters.com Review
ThePensters.com Review

Service Review

According to their website, Thepensters is a “completely new kind of custom writing service.” I was always on the lookout for fresh ideas that would give it a completely unique flavour, but what they have to offer and how they deliver it are standard fare for most businesses. They undoubtedly said this because this is a company that conducts bidding, but their system is completely unoriginal given the thousands of similar bidding services I have now seen.


If you’ve ever placed an order with a company that assists with bidding and paperwork, you are familiar with the process. After placing your order, you await quotations and bids. You then choose the quote you can afford and are willing to pay for and pay the chosen author.

The list provided on the internet is neither comprehensive or extensive, therefore do not believe it. Nothing prevents you from placing whatever order you choose with a company that offers bids. On the plus side, if you’re looking for something unique, it’s a huge benefit. On the other hand, nobody can ever promise that your order will receive bids from competent bidders.


Even so, it’s a fantastic start knowing that I may get whatever I want and choose my price range at any point along my academic career. Students are drawn to the pricing because of the reduced bids, but since you get to pick the writer, you also have responsibilities.

Prices Review

The lowest permitted quote serves as the sole indicative of prices paid on the website. For the written content orders, writers are not permitted to offer prices below $9 per page. Setting a limit is a fine idea, however this cost seems a little excessive given that you want scholarly writing. It needs to be completed by a true specialist in order to be of high quality. I have yet to discover one that is that inexpensive and effective.


Even so, practically all of the bids at The Pensters when I submitted my order were $9 per page. Even though I only had four days till my deadline, several of their writers still bid using this quotation.

Content Quality

These prices are obviously too good to be true. Thepensters.com’s writer, who gave off the impression that he could do no wrong with the paper, was a phoney. There was no accurate information in his profile. Where did I learn this? I am aware of this since the writer obviously lacked a solid command of the English language. The text quality made it clear; even the tenses were all wrong. As soon as I got the text, I started editing it, but I gave up before finishing it. The majority of it was confusing and illogical. Despite the fact that a lot of information, including numbers and facts, was used, not a single citation was made.

Customer Support Agents

I contacted the support and requested assistance and direction because I had so many valid and frustrating worries. They refused all of my requests for a refund despite my indisputable evidence that the plagiarism detector they use on the site is a scam and that their writer’s profile is as phoney as it gets. No student would accept Thepensters’ offer of a rewrite within four days if he wants to meet a deadline.

Final Thoughts

The number of negative aspects of thepensters.com is so great that it still makes me angry to think about it. A service that is supposedly exceptional and fantastic was a real letdown for me and, it appears, for the majority of those who have tried it. From the credentials of their writers to their guarantees, they are false in every way. Although the prices entice you to shop there, if you’re looking for quality and something unique, I suggest looking elsewhere.


Because of this, I wouldn’t choose Thepensters again if I needed academic assistance. even for nothing.

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