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SuperbPaper.com Review

SuperbPaper.com Review
SuperbPaper.com Review

Service Review

There isn’t much to buy on the internet, but the selection is enough. It includes essays, research papers, dissertations, term papers, and projects such as case studies and presentations. Additionally, superbpaper.com provides editing and proofreading services, as well as book and film evaluations and reports.


This list may not be as extensive as that of other companies, but it will certainly help you through your academic years. Surely, it would only be true if the quality was as advertised, which, as you’ll see in a moment, is far from the case.

Prices Review

Superbpaper is quite inexpensive, which I didn’t realise at first. When you include in their discounts, which are used by both new and returning clients, the prices drop below $10. Customers who are new to the company receive a 5% discount, while returning customers have received discounts of up to 15%. These, on the other hand, aren’t regular discounts and aren’t part of a loyalty programme. They are provided by the assistance, so you would have to ask for a discount to determine whether you are eligible.

The rates are incredible even without any set or special incentives. If you order 14 days before the deadline, the essay costs $10 for high school students. A PhD essay or dissertation costs $29 for the same timeframe, however these types of papers do not have a longer deadline. That’s odd in and of itself, especially considering these rates are substantially lower than what I’m used to seeing in’superb’ companies.

Content Quality

In my superbpaper review, this section is particularly unsatisfactory. In the midst of all those promises and inexpensive prices, the quality suffers a significant setback. What I got was not an essay at all, but rather some plagiarised information from three separate sites, which I discovered using a simple plagiarism checker.

The writer simply threw things on my paper without thinking about it. Some of the items weren’t even linked, and the original components were riddled with errors. There was no way to save this paper unless you wanted to rewrite it. Even if you tried, you couldn’t find any sources, making it over 70% plagiarised.

This is unacceptably poor service from any writing firm, and it is the most obvious grounds for a refund. But I was never able to grasp it. Such issues appear to be widespread here, and Superb Paper does not recognise them as a grounds for a refund (at least not in my case).

Customer Support Agents

Customer support agents are supposed to handle major difficulties like mine, but they didn’t appear to care. We contacted them via their live chat form, which is first an automated bot that provides you with some ambiguous responses. Then, when I finally found a real estate agent, I spoke with someone who hardly comprehended what I was saying.


Not to mention the ability to write in English.

The individual was unprofessional and failed to resolve any of my issues. He said I was not entitled to any form of reimbursement without any reason or excuse, not even an apology. When I requested a complete revision, he suggested I obtain a new paper with the identical requirements. Who in their right mind would order again after such a bad experience?

Superbpaper Review – Final Thoughts

My review started out great, but after I got a paper here, everything has gone south. Super b Paper provides good costs and a big list of services, but their quality and customer service are terrible. Super b Paper is unconcerned about client happiness or offers no guarantees. They’ll make incredible claims and offer all kinds of guarantees as long as they can deceive you with their pricing. Except for the one about prompt delivery, they broke over a dozen of their promises and didn’t stand behind any of the guarantees in my situation.

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