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Studybay.com Review

Studybay.com Review
Studybay.com Review

Service Review

Sincerely, I had never heard of Studybay before. Reading the studybay evaluations was less perplexing than opening their homepage. Although I’m still not sure why they refer to writing assistance as tutoring, I do know that the service’s major selling point is that they create papers for students, not tutor them.


However, you’ll notice that Study Bay’s website refers to tutoring rather than writing and tutors rather than authors. It’s a website that uses bidders, but in this instance, they are referred to as tutors. You can only imagine how perplexing this is for website visitors.

Here, you may order everything you desire, which is unquestionably advantageous. However, neither they nor I can assure you that you’ll receive favourable offers, or even any offers at all. The same holds true for bidder firms. The finest pricing are available, however you could just get a few bids and not actually discover your writer.


When I placed the order, I didn’t have that issue. I had bids received in a matter of seconds, so I scarcely have any reason to question that they even gave my work a closer look. Additionally, I didn’t specify the subject at all and merely put “psychology” to determine if this is writing or teaching.

Prices Review

I also hesitate to give you a firm pricing estimate. They were really attractive to me. My deadline was in six days, but several of the bidders really provided me quotations for pages at less than $8. You virtually ever receive this at other firms, but that’s what I got.


Strangely, all of the writers’ biographies seemed fantastic and a little bit false. The ones I quickly put aside were the ones that applied to my order right away and had credentials in other disciplines. I was pleasantly delighted to see that there were none, not even one, with negative ratings or remarks. Simply said, it is impractical.

Content Quality

Due to their writer profiles and the oddly issued bids, I was unsure of the calibre of the work I would obtain here. When authors told me they had written on the same subject without even reading my order or asking for further information, I couldn’t hold out much hope for them. At first, I didn’t even provide the subject, so it was pretty unusual.


The quality fell short of my expectations. With that kind of educational background, there wouldn’t be as many errors and instances of plagiarism in my essay as I really discovered, therefore the writer most likely lied about his qualifications.

Customer Support Agents

I discussed this issue with the customer service representatives in the hopes that they could assist. Although the agents took some time to reply, the correspondence was always formal. However, they weren’t very helpful. It took them four days and a great deal of persuasion to convince the writer to provide me a rewrite. It had already been a week when I received the amended paper, and it was still not up to par with my expectations. Any student who had a deadline would find this to be too late.

These agents handled the revision portion, however given their policy against plagiarism and the fact that their writer misrepresented on his profile, I had anticipated them to give me a refund. However, based on what I’ve seen in other people’s testimonies, this occurs much too frequently. Despite offering incredibly competitive costs, the business isn’t very well known.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s been a while since I placed an order with a bidding firm, this experience was comparable to the majority of others I’ve had. This is not possible for a service unless they thoroughly vet its authors. At first, I was really pleased with Studybay.com’s pricing structure because, quite literally, $5 per page is the lowest I’ve ever seen. However, given the low quality of the results and how quickly their authors bid on my order, you can’t expect much for that money. I should have anticipated this.

As a result, I highly advise against students obtaining papers from StudyBay since they consistently fail to offer high-quality work.

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