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SameDayEssay.com Review

SameDayEssay.com Review
SameDayEssay.com Review

Service Review

Many people asked me to evaluate SameDayEssay. I can see the interest’s motivation. This company’s advertisements have been all over social media, so I’ve been checking them out as well. The most intriguing aspect of it is that it provides a custom essay with a one-hour deadline. Additionally, the costs are rather reasonable.


Isn’t that remarkable?


If this was a premium service offering original content, it would be. It isn’t. That’s basically what I discovered after obtaining an essay from this service. But because you are aware that I enjoy going into great depth in my assessments of Same Day Essay, let’s move slowly.

The services list is extensive.


Everything from essays to copywriting to job applications is covered by SameDayEssay.com. If they had a versatile group of experienced writers to handle all of these tasks, it would be a good thing. But after doing some investigation, I found out that’s not the case. All over the internet, students are criticising SameDayEssay for the calibre of the papers they ordered from them.

There is no information on the writers on the website itself. This leads us to the conclusion that they are not professionals and have not received the necessary training to carry out particular tasks. Not even a native English speaker, my writer.

Prices Review

Prices at the High School level have a 20-day deadline and start at $14.03. The price per page increases to $53.43 as the deadlines are shortened and the quality is raised. These prices are reasonable, but only if the content is of a high calibre. You are squandering your money in this situation.


If new users use the discount code First15, they will receive 15% off. They begin receiving 5% bonuses in their balance after their second order. These funds may be applied to upcoming orders. However, for devoted users, a 5 percent reduction is a little one.

Content Quality

I had high hopes for this service. For students who require urgent work, that would be wonderful because no one else produces papers in less than an hour.


I placed an order for an essay with a two-hour deadline. I considered it a realistic condition for this deadline because I wanted a quick 500-word task. If the writer is knowledgeable, he can locate reliable sources to quote right away and finish the work on schedule. At some of the most respectable websites in the business, the 3-hour limit has been a problem for me in the past.

I received my content later this time. The author took four hours to finish it and offered numerous justifications. He claimed that both the subject and the assignment were too difficult. Why would they enable us to place orders with them at such short notice if they can’t handle such straightforward tasks?


Due to the missing deadline, I only received a little refund.


I did not receive paper corrections, though. It was awful. I used Copyscape to check it, and it found 34% of a single source to be plagiarised. Additionally, the content lacked correct grammar. It is clear that the author struggled to retain proper English and neglected to edit.

Customer Support Agents

What agents in customer service?


The website has a live chat feature, but it’s a gimmick. I repeatedly tried to send a message, but nobody ever replied.


Then I attempted to call the two phone lines listed on the website (they claim to be answered around-the-clock). You guessed it right: nobody ever gave a response.


When I protested about the quality, my writer responded, but it was just an attempt at rationalisation. I was entitled to modifications, but he didn’t offer any.


If something goes wrong with your order, don’t bother contacting customer service because there is none.

Final Thoughts

I believe I’ve covered enough of SameDay Essay to ensure that everyone understands my displeasure with the business.


The only positive thing I can say about the website is that it looks alright. The group is not at all serious. When I sought accountability, they took my money and made no response. I received stuff that was copied. The author arrived late. I received a reimbursement to make up the discrepancy in the deadline, but it is ineffective if a student doesn’t receive their assignments on time.

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