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RapidEssay.com Review

RapidEssay.com Review
RapidEssay.com Review

Service Review

It appears that the moniker Rapidessay.com derives from their propensity for producing papers quickly. Their possibilities for deadlines are as short as four hours, which is remarkable. However, after reading some rapidessay.com reviews, I was left wondering why this company so strongly promotes speedy services while they have a poor reputation for the most crucial factor—quality.


When placing an order with a company, quality is crucial. Naturally, I was persuaded to continue my research in order to compose a realistic rapid essay review. I ultimately read a study paper they gave after checking out their well designed website, cost, and services. To learn more, continue reading.


In the list of services offered by RapidEssay, I practically found every paper that other businesses offer, plus some more. It is unusual for these kind of services to provide papers like journal articles, poems, and blog posts. It’s possible that a student will be asked to create a poem for class, but it’s extremely uncommon.


The truth is that this company’s target market is much broader than just students. The services it offers go beyond just writing essays and doing homework. However, it’s crucial for students that it has all academic papers, which it most certainly does.


I proceeded to the following one after this one went smoothly.

Price Review

The best surprise about the service is that it is quite affordable! Students are ecstatic to have found something so inexpensive, at least when they see a price of $10 for a page and compare it to the prices offered by the majority of companies online.


This is seldom good news in my experience. I’ve learned that businesses who charge so little cannot afford to employ the greatest authors as they guarantee, thus I typically receive subpar papers, subpar service, or both.


But I made the decision to wait to rush things until I received my paper. After reviewing the complete price list, I found that their rates are quite excellent. Only high school level assignments are $10, and there is a 14-day deadline. The longest deadline is one month for third- or fourth-year undergraduate students, graduate students, and doctoral candidates.


No matter what kind of paper you require, these pricing will not change. Consequently, you may get a dissertation for $17 to $26 per page even if you already have one. But there is a minimum page requirement of over 30 for this price. Such restrictions do not apply to the remaining deadline alternatives.

Content Quality

The prices at Rapid Essay are still excellent despite their false discount claim, so I went ahead and placed my order. But the result was as I had anticipated.


They have used the name in an extremely negative way. It’s shameful for a business that advertises quick deliveries because the writer they assigned to my request really missed the deadline. The fact that his writing was so awful only made matters worse. Even if I were still in high school, I wouldn’t submit it even though it was intended for a Master’s level.


It wasn’t only that the writing was poor quality. It was the terrible English used by the author. The majority of the items were difficult to relate to and comprehend. There was also 27% of it that was plagiarised.

Customer Support Agents

I examined it all for plagiarism and then contacted support with the relevant details. I informed them of the oversight that prevented me from receiving my reimbursement right away. No, it wasn’t successful. I then presented them the report on the plagiarism, but they objected, saying that some plagiarism is understandable. No, it is not, and no academic would agree with you on this.


As you could expect, I received nothing from this customer service representative, not even a proposal for a free revision. Not that it would help if I had already missed the deadline!

Rapid Essay Review – Final Thoughts

Everyone may desire to shop here due to the extremely inexpensive costs and extensive selection of services. However, the poor reputation is a clear indication of how foolish that would be.


As a result, I strongly suggest that you refrain from ordering papers from RapidEssay.com. because this company conceals terrible quality and incredibly careless customer service behind low prices.

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