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PayForEssay.net Review

PayForEssay.net Review
PayForEssay.net Review

Service Review

Pay For Essay has a poor reputation for a professional agency that claims to be the trusted online organization of over 55K pupils. Their website is attractive and comprehensive, however the information provided did not correspond to any of the Payforessay reviews I saw. The evaluations showed that the service isn’t very good, which motivated me to begin my inquiry and produce a Pay for Essay review to assist you in making your decision.

When I went to Payforessay’s website, I discovered that it is not an academic writing service and is geared toward people other than students. Sure, they have essay and research papers, as well as all other types of academic projects and responsibilities. However, they also provide a resume service, which means that job seekers may go there for assistance in finding work.


So, in general, this service provides anything from an essay to a dissertation, as well as application essays, resumes, and cover letters. It also offers writing, rewriting, and editing services for all academic papers in its database.

Prices Review

Something odd about the rates on the webpage caught my attention. Why? Because they talk about material that costs $10 per page, yet none of their content writing services offer such a quotation. Even if the firm spreads some false information, it is still a well-priced one. In reality, based on what I’ve observed so far when researching such businesses, it’s considerably less expensive than people may assume given their alleged popularity.


Do you want an example? Well, without any further reductions, all high school papers have a minimum price of $14.91 per page. College papers cost $17.01, undergraduate papers $19.46, master’s papers $24.02, and doctoral papers $26.31.

You’ve surely seen that the prices rise quickly, even for the choice with the longest deadline. This surprised me, but even with their reductions, the pricing would still be reasonable if the service’s quality is as advertised, especially at the higher levels.


This was also unusual in terms of their discounts. There isn’t a loyalty discount per se, at least not one that is comparable to other firms’ reward programmes. Essentially, the price of a paper is determined by the amount of money you spent on your previous one and whether or not you want to use your bonus. You may build up an online balance that you can use on future orders.

This is a frustrating deal because you aren’t truly rewarded for your loyalty, but you will pay less if you spend more. Furthermore, the deals are not particularly appealing, as the majority of reward offers are at or above 15%.


Thankfully, there is a discount on the first order at this time. This discount has been mentioned in other reviews, so it’s reasonable to assume that it always applies to new orders. As a result, as a new customer, you may also earn a discount, this time of 15%.

Content Quality

Those who take the time to read what Payforessay.net has to offer will be impressed by the blog and free samples. However, the quality I received in exchange for my money was far from satisfactory.


Except for some questions I had concerning the discounts and the site’s material, everything went well until this point in my Payforessay review. But, at this time, I’ve figured out why the reviews didn’t match the company’s claims.

The authors here aren’t quite as excellent as they need to be to attract over 55K regular clients. I requested and received a paper with over 40% plagiarism on a site where plagiarism is stated to be non-existent. Furthermore, that paper was badly structured, and the writing quality was not up to the high standard for which I had spent a little money.

Customer Support Agents

I called assistance after being disappointed with the paper I received from what was claimed to be a well-known provider. I wouldn’t recommend calling because no one responded when I tried to contact an agent. I think I chatted to a bot for a long on the live chat before being routed to a real human.


This individual authorised a correction after seven hours had passed since I requested it. The adjustment arrived two days later, causing any student to miss their deadline.

Final Thoughts

The apparently well-known firm provided me with delayed and ineffective service. It’s reasonable to state that PayForEssay.org doesn’t have skilled authors, and the prices they demand aren’t worth it.


As a result, I feel Payforessay is not the ideal service for you to utilise, and I advise you to refrain from placing your orders there.

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