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Paperrater.com Review

Paperrater.com Review
Paperrater.com Review

Service Review

First and foremost, I should inform you of a revelation that altered my perception of PaperRater entirely: this is not a business that assists you by performing writing for you. Unlike many other businesses Producing this Paper Rater review made me aware that there aren’t any genuine individuals behind the scenes of the website really writing stuff from scratch for you. In reality, in order to use the services provided by the AI engine there named Grendel, you must already have a ready paper.


If you want your completed paper to be evaluated, stay to find out how reliable this firm is. I would advise you to contact a reputable writing service if you need someone to create a paper for you.

The time it takes for this engine to work its magic after you upload your finished document ranges from 5 to 15 minutes. You receive writing recommendations, a plagiarism check, and grammar and spelling checks. Additionally, the paper will receive automatic assessment, which should indicate if your work is strong or weak.


These are the only capabilities available in the free edition; but, if you upgrade to the advanced version, you may access a number of other features including a more sophisticated plagiarism detector, file upload, and quicker processing.

Prices Review

This website is not at all free to use for an AI tool. According to reviews of Paper Rater, they appear to have a discount that would supposedly save you $7.95, but this isn’t truly a once-in-a-while deal as they claim. It’s a challenging marketing technique since it looks to have been around forever.


In my experience using these technologies, not even that tactic would succeed in persuading students that paying $11.21 a month is a reasonable price. This gadget has an annual fee of $71.55, which is astronomical for this kind of service.

Content Quality

You truly don’t receive content here. You can actually create your paper on the website in real time while making corrections with less expensive AI tools that offer the same functionality. You must either paste a completed paper into this one or, if you choose the premium option, submit it as a file.


I can talk about how well the products on this store are made, though. Since they were created by an artificial intelligence bot rather than an actual person, I would classify them as features.

Let’s start with the Paper Rater plagiarism detector. It would be an understatement to say that the free edition has a plain checker. This checker turns up absolutely nothing. When I attempted to copy and paste information from a previously published article online, the plagiarism detector claimed that my content was original.


Regarding the grammar checker, second. This one is OK because Grammarly is being used for the purpose. But if Grammarly is available, why would you visit their site and even pay for their service? It’s free to use after all, yet their premium version has far higher ratings than this controversial website.

Customer Support Agents

Well, the Paperrater.com creators have provided an email address where you may get in touch with them. They even provided a schedule of their working hours and said that weekends are off.


After I notified them about the problem with their plagiarism checker, two weeks went by with no response. You can be sure that if they don’t fulfil their promises, you won’t obtain a refund.

Final Thoughts

The website’s concept is admirable, however it isn’t particularly properly executed. Even though it is one of the more expensive AI programmes for paper correction, this one isn’t very effective. Furthermore, nobody is available to explain how their automatic grading system operates.


Because there are many other products that are cheaper or free and provide the same, if not better, services than Paperrater, I am unable to endorse it.

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