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PaperHelp.com Review

PaperHelp.com Review
PaperHelp.com Review

Service Review

It appears that PaperHelp.org is an excellent writing service. When I first viewed the webpage, I really liked it. The team’s mascot, a tiny cosmonaut on his spacecraft, is quite adorable. I’m not sure how he relates to academic writing, but whatever.


As I looked around the website more, the less sense it made. I requested an article to observe how the authors addressed time-sensitive issues. Paper Help wasn’t really impressive. Let’s talk about the specifics of my evaluation.


The key category in this case is essay services. It has a ludicrous drop-down menu underneath it. Just a few of the “services” under “Essay Services” are as follows: essay writing services, “buy an essay,” “pay for an essay,” “write my paper for me cheap,” “do my paper,” and so on. What the website is all about becomes obvious: keyword stuffing.

Another classification is Other Services. Another drop-down option appears, providing us with the following list: paper writing service, help with research papers, help with personal statements, write my research paper, write papers for money, do my homework, and custom paper writing.


What precisely does PaperHelp offer, then? To learn more, you must open the order form. The majority of project categories are available, but I started to question if this crew could finish research papers, dissertations, and even straightforward essays.

Price Review

Here, prices are quite reasonable. That may not always be advantageous. Please understand that a professional writer will not accept payment of $10 per page. Someone with a doctorate degree who wants to make money off of it won’t work for so little. You can still locate a decent service that is also reasonably priced. The beginning price on this site, though, seems absurdly low. From my own experience, I can justify my concern when it comes to excessively low rates.


From $10 and up, Paper Help charges for original writing. But the 20-day timeframe and High School level were set for this low fee. You will pay $56 per page for PhD quality with a 3-hour deadline.


On the other hand, admission assistance is extremely costly. I’m referring to $197 for each page. That is crazy. A personal essay is all that an admissions essay is. They are utilizing the helplessness of a student to perfect their college application. I do not advise using admission essay writing services that charge more. Even easier than stuff written at the PhD level, it’s just writing. Please don’t fall for this ruse!


The website couldn’t possibly get much more incomprehensible, I thought. It does, though. The discount scheme is ludicrous. If your order is over $500 and over $1000, you receive 5% off the entire price and 10% off, respectively. Really, men? I really hope no one orders anything here for $1,000. due of the poor quality!

Content Quality

I placed an order for an essay with a 6-hour deadline. The cost per page for university-level work was $44. The final cost was a little bit lower because I received a discount code via email.


I selected a literary theme for my essay. I asked the author to create a piece about a well-known author’s life. I gave them the option to select the author so they could concentrate on a person they were familiar with.


The finished product resembled a Wikipedia page. In actuality, Wikipedia was paraphrased. Each and every word of it! This paper lacked imagination, despite the fact that I had custom writing done.

Customer Support Agents

The agents claimed that the work passed their plagiarism detection engine without any issues after I complained about its lack of originality. Let’s be clear: just because software doesn’t find any instances of plagiarism doesn’t indicate the text is original. I gave screenshots that amply demonstrated the content’s paraphrasing. The agents made no comment. It was a significant sum of money that was lost because I didn’t receive a reimbursement.


Final Thoughts

Let me be quite clear in summarizing my PaperHelp review: I do not endorse the service! The website is deficient in providing accurate information about the services provided and the author qualifications. Prices at high school level work out to be absurdly costly for admission papers. Students in colleges and universities cannot use the quality.

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