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MyPerfectWords.com Review

MyPerfectWords.com Review
MyPerfectWords.com Review

Service Review

Myperfectwords is hardly ever used. I am aware of this since I read a number of client testimonials that were not on the My Perfect Words website before I wrote my review. Sincere to say, these don’t resemble the lovely, great testimonials they decided to publish.


But since this is a widely used marketing tactic for online services, I choose to disregard it. My interest was piqued primarily by their fantastic, time-limited promotion that cut all prices in half. At least that’s what I believed before I discovered it was just another scam, but this is without a doubt the best deal I’ve ever seen. To learn more, keep reading this Myperfectwords review.

Since the order form is the only place to learn about the services they offer, the lack of a services page is disastrous. Then, though, I discovered that My Perfect Words provides a comprehensive list of services, and this seemed to dissipate quickly. From high school to doctoral degrees, they have everything you need to finish your education, not to mention a few projects that are harder to locate in most writing services.


They gained some points for sure, but they should definitely post a list online for everyone to see.

Prices Review

Well, this was the first aspect that caused myperfectwords.com’s rating to decline. The allegedly lowered costs are actually unchanged from previous iterations by 50%. They have been adopting a marketing ploy for years when a limited offer suddenly appears on every page and corner of this website. And a terribly unjust one at that.


This is evident from the pricelist, which in no way suggests that the costs have been reduced in half. If you trust what they say, the cheapest price for pages would be $30. Rarely will you come across a business anywhere with such high costs.

The discounted options now start at half these prices, making the most affordable pricing for most papers here $15 per page. You can’t truly request a paper to be delivered the same day or in the morning because they have odd deadline options and the shortest deadline is 12 hours.


One advantage of their pricing is that it covers 300 words, which is a little bit more than what other businesses provide. The unfortunate problem is that they won’t give you any further discounts due of their phoney 50 percent. You are ineligible for any loyalty programmes, bulk discounts, or discounts for returning customers because they have made this discount look so enormous and generous.

Content Quality

The prices aren’t all that horrible if you ignore their discount ploy. In fact, even without the reductions, they fall somewhere in the middle, so I received a good deal for my paper.


The paper I ordered was something I didn’t get. The paper I received was almost entirely plagiarised from a single web source, which was my biggest surprise. The text was of good quality and didn’t contain many errors. However, this is all moot given that I discovered plagiarism in my writing at a rate of 45%. In reality, when I discovered the source they had utilised, I saw that the writer had done a bad job of reworking it, so the substance was essentially the same.

Customer Support Agents

I was furious with how my order was handled here, as you might anticipate. So I made contact with those who have to be online constantly. I used the live chat and eventually received a response after trying unsuccessfully for two hours to contact them on the phone number provided on their website.


The individual who replied was courteous and professional, but she offered no assistance. They emailed me a plagiarism report, but I checked the document and discovered the paper’s original source, thus it was definitely a fake. They turned down my requests for changes and refunds on the grounds that the work was original, according to their plagiarism detector. Unbelievable, no?

Final Thoughts

The services page and rates of the Myperfectwords.com business, among other things, are both outstanding. But if their bogus testimonials and substantial discount don’t initially enrage you, their support staff and authors will undoubtedly drive you crazy.


My Perfect Words is not the high-quality service they claim it to be, so I won’t recommend it. Instead, I’d look elsewhere for a paper.

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