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MyAdmissionsEssay.com Review

MyAdmissionsEssay.com Review
MyAdmissionsEssay.com Review

Service Review

The order box that is visible to visitors on the Myadmissionsessay landing page caught my attention. Then they proceed to explain to you how they run their business and what their service is all about. This is a blatant example of how they prefer to conduct business: directly and concisely.


The website’s layout and design are quite standard, with a straightforward interface. The website’s information was straightforward and simple to read. They appear to provide readers with a preview of what to anticipate when placing an order.


They did quite well when I placed an order using my admissions essay. The ordering process is quite simple due to the way their website is set up. Although I wasn’t very impressed with the quality of their work, I was happy with their writing service. Additionally, I thought that some of their information was too simplistic for academic reasons.


Learn more about my experience with them by reading the rest of this Myadmissionsessay review.


This website has an astounding variety of services, and the pricing calculator lists them in alphabetical order. They are capable of dealing with articles, research papers, business proposals, critical thinking assignments, essays, and more. I like that they addressed the majority of the fundamental assignments that students must complete.


You can select from High School, Undergraduate, and Ph.D. papers when placing a purchase. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose your own timeframe and page count. With their useful add-ons, this writing service keeps things exciting while allowing you to add them to any of your papers. I made use of these extras to save time and improve their service. It provided me more power to influence how things turned out. Myadmissionsessay.com makes big claims, but their writers’ caliber holds them back.

Price Review

I discovered that they were reasonably priced when compared to other writing firms. When I requested more quotations, they provided reasonable page rates. One of the primary factors that makes their service an intelligent decision may be their pricing.


The beginning price for high school-level essays with a 20-day deadline is $11. You would have to forgo some extra money if you wanted to place an order sooner. Pay $48 a page for a 6-hour deadline if you also want an essay of Ph.D. caliber. Is it not too expensive?

Content Quality

When placing an order, the website makes it quite obvious that you have the option of selecting from three types of writers: basic, advanced, and top writer. I requested an undergraduate paper to test their service, specified a 3-day deadline, and received a cost of $26 per page. A table of contents was part of my transaction, and I was charged an extra $9.99 for it.

It’s hard to tell, but perhaps their advanced writers are prone to mistakes. I expected a Ph.D. writer to produce material of higher caliber, with a smooth flow and almost flawless grammar. Their services seem incredibly costly when you consider the additional work I had to put into the paper.

Customer Support Agents

Customers can contact the website through three different channels: live chat, message boards, and phone calls. Although they were far from efficient, I found the three of them to be rather beneficial. Although it took them some time to answer the phone, once they did, they spoke gently and answered all of my questions. The live chat representative took a while to respond, and the responses were somewhat jumbled. I had the impression that the person I was speaking to had pre-written responses. My response arrived the following day after I used the messaging form.


They need to perform better in light of the efforts that this website makes to give users a platform.

MyAdmissionsEssay Review – Final Thoughts

There were many highs and lows in my experience with MyAdmissionEssay. The website has a lot of potential but also some serious flaws.


Their array of services was what I found most intriguing about them. It was thorough and has more categories than you would often find. As I had to revise sections of my paper, I would say that their writing was just slightly above average.


For me, it was a largely positive experience. However, I thought I could have bought something of higher quality for my money. Myadmissionsessay, in my opinion, is a respectable business to work with. However, you should only use them for straightforward projects.

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