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HandMadeWriting.com Review

HandMadeWriting.com Review
HandMadeWriting.com Review

Service Review

The platform offers a diverse range of services. I looked at the three types of writing services available, including essay, academic, and editing. I can confidently submit a scholarship essay and have it completed by a team of writers, with experience ranging from dissertation to term paper writing.

You may find out the exact price of your paper as well as the assigned discount rate using Handmadewriting.com’s price calculator. Students all around the world have a stack of various writing services, which is why customers are so popular online.

The final problem is how the writers fail to achieve the writing piece deadlines.

When it comes to managing writing jobs for clients, I was satisfied with how Handmadewriting.com keeps their commitments. It is apparent that the writing staff includes both native English speakers and ESL authors. The good news is that they have a staff of editors that will guarantee that your work is flawless. Furthermore, the accessible staff training improves the material quality, which is on par with most other suppliers in the market.

When selecting new writers, the organisation uses a thorough vetting process to assure that the authors will be a valuable asset. My essay, however, was of substandard quality thanks to Handmadewriting. Despite the fact that the site educates its writers, my paper contained horrible word combinations, and I believed the job was done by a non-native English speaker. It was also a little plagiarised, emphasising the site’s trustworthiness.

Prices Review

After selecting the appropriate writing genre, amount of pages, academic level, and deadline, I was able to determine the price of my paper service. We can infer that the expense of writing was reasonable. A 5-page university-level term paper with a 10-day deadline, for example, may cost you only $90. It is recommended to place an early order with a possibly long deadline if you want to save money.


Orders with a one-day deadline are not accepted by Handmadewriting. As a result, it might not be the best choice for urgent writing jobs. A single-page thesis paper at a Ph.D. level, which is the highest academic level, might cost you at least $35 if you finish it in three days.

Handmadewriting.com offers discounts based on the quantity of orders placed. I received a 10% discount when I used the site for the first time.

Content Quality

I didn’t need to contact customer service because I didn’t have any underlying problems. So, in order to write a fair Handmadewriting review, I looked into the web customer satisfaction ratings. On the site, I came across various questions, particularly in the FAQ area. Please refer to this area if you have any problems.


If the problem persists, you should contact customer service. The site has a chat option in the lower right corner. The customer service team is available at all times and will assist you as needed. Aside from that, you may utilise the UK and US phone numbers to make a short call while on the writing site.

Refund and Revision Policy

A one-page Java programming high school assignment completed in three days for $18 might be a happy experience. However, if the writing service falls short of your expectations, you may be upset. In the event of Handmadewriting, you can request a free revision from the online support staff. You have ten days to seek a revision after the official deadline. You may also request as many changes from a writer as you wish.

If the quality of the revisions isn’t quite up to par, you may request a complete refund using the site’s money-back policy. Only if your writing paper is not delivered do you have a good possibility of receiving a complete refund. In some cases, partial reimbursements may be required. Customers must stick to free revisions to deal with this scenario, as the money-back policy is occasionally used.

Additional Services

To improve my paper’s grade, I used Handmadewriting’s unique service to acquire expert editing for an additional 15% off my order. To my complete pleasure, the skilled team proofread and eradicated probable errors.


You may also pay an extra 25% to have a real author with native English communication to properly compose the essay. In addition, our lecturers frequently request that sources be provided in the papers. For $9.99, Handmadewriting can help you acquire digital draughts of your writing sources.


If you don’t want subpar material, you may pay an advanced writer an additional 25% on top of your purchase and have a better assurance of unique work.

HandMadeWriting Pros & Cons

Handmadewriting.com’s benefits include:


For your reports and tasks, you have access to an excellent pool of writing services.

Unlike a number of rivals, we have more affordable pricing policies.

Customer service is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Handmadewriting.com’s disadvantages include:


Only in limited circumstances is a complete refund possible.

Final Thoughts

Based on my investigation into Handmadewriting evaluations, I believe the site may be suitable for buyers on a budget. This platform might not be right for you if you’re looking for high-quality writing. What is the sense of employing these services, especially if they claim to be inexpensive? Handmadewriting is a respectable business, however their documents are poorly reviewed and edited.

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