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GradeMiners.com Review

GradeMiners.com Review
GradeMiners.com Review

Service Review

When you visit GradeMiners.com, you will see that there are over 900 writers accessible. This implies that Grade Miners employs thousands of writers and serves a large number of clients. In most situations, this gives the idea that the organisation is well-known and well-liked, because why else would they require so many writers on hand at all times?

In most circumstances, because this does not appear to be the case here. I began to question that this was a ploy, not a genuine figure, after reading several complaints from consumers outside of this site and comparing them to the all-positive remarks on it. I went on to do this study for the Grademiners review to double-check items and support our theory.

You’ll be left with a little more than a dozen possibilities if you try to exclude all dissertation-related items from the services list. Dissertation chapters eat up half of the list, making it appear larger than it is, but they are two distinct services: a whole dissertation and a dissertation chapter.

The remainder result in a restricted selection of paper writing services. GradeMiners is not a horrible corporation, however it does limit the amount of kids that may utilise it. Those who need to acquire a large number of papers due to a lack of time or writing abilities should definitely go for another company, as this one only offers the most common papers, such as essays and research papers.


Prices Review

I recently evaluated another writing service whose features were strikingly similar to those on grademiners.com, but when I checked the price list, I knew it was the same company. I know this since the pricelists are identical, and the services provided are identical.


Simply spend some time reading the essay-company.com review or visiting their website. If you do, you’ll notice that the costs are same. The beginning charge is $11.30, and I was shocked to find such an option for a high school academic level, because a two-week deadline is usually never necessary at this time in a student’s education.

This is most likely another tactic for persuading visitors that the costs are lower than they are. When you look at the more realistic deadline possibilities, you’ll notice that the costs aren’t quite low, but they’re on level with the rest of the writing market.


Because GradeMiners.com and GradeMiners.com are the same business, I knew there would be no special deals for returning clients. The only discount available is the 10% automatic discount applied to your first order.

This is a somewhat modest first-time discount, and the service’s lack of further special offers is a major drawback.

Content Quality

I bought a paper from Grademiners before proceeding with my Grademiners evaluation. The high quality of the information verified my suspicions regarding the website’s origins. Not only did I receive the same high-quality writing as previously, but the customer service and purchase process were identical to those at Essay-company.com.


If you haven’t read my earlier evaluation, the section on Content Quality was quite unfavourable. The papers offered here are of really poor quality, including the term paper I got from the website Grademiners.com. There are a number of errors in the text, the sources aren’t all trustworthy or correctly mentioned, and there were some unexpected expenses when we filled out the purchasing form.

Customer Support Agents

The customer care is the same as the other service, as I said in the content quality portion of my Grademiners.com review. This is great in the sense that they are really responsive, always available, and quite professional while conversing with consumers.


The only issue with customer service is that when a consumer complains about a paper, they do nothing. When I notified them about my paper, they gave me a single free rewrite that didn’t make much of a difference.

Final Thoughts

I learned some fascinating facts about GradeMiners.com, but the basic line is that this firm is not a suitable fit for students who are unable to complete their assignments on time.

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