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GrabMyEssay.com Review

GrabMyEssay.com Review

GrabMyEssay.com Review
GrabMyEssay.com Review

Service Review

The discount offer was the most exciting item I observed when I visited the site. The 15% discount makes the website more appealing to the visitors. Additionally, they provide several complementary tools that help to encourage more visitors to come and take action. Everything seems to be heading in the correct way since I started that procedure.


My good sentiments instantly turn negative as I purchase from GrabMyEssay.com. They made several false promises that ultimately resulted in poor quality. Let me walk you through the entire procedure.

On the site, you can get a complete list of their services, including Academic paper writing, Admission services, Resume/CV services, Dissertation services, Rewriting, Editing, Proofreading, MCQ, and Copywriting. You may also discover solutions to questions in math, physics, economics, and statistics. However, I do not believe it is valuable to anyone. All of the services they provided were of low quality and came at an exorbitant price.

Prices Review

On the main page of the GrabMyEssay website, there was a pricing calculator for calculating the total price per work. You may choose a service kind, paper type, pages or words, academic level, and job urgency here. They can offer a preliminary estimate of the cost by taking into account all of these elements. However, in my instance, such estimate was absolutely false. In the end, they charge me a lot more money. The costs are astronomically expensive. You could obtain a good deal on your order, but it plainly means you’ll get low-quality stuff. I was willing to pay more for a service that was genuinely professional. “For professional service,” I responded, not “for substandard and inexpensive services.”

Content Quality

As I already stated, Grab My Essay is utterly unprofessional, therefore this has been a terrible experience. The content is likewise of poor quality. For my academic answers, I ordered a paper. I wanted a term paper with lots of descriptions, well-structured material, no grammar mistakes, good language, no plagiarism, and high overall quality. However, what I received was not at all what I had requested. I paid an astronomically expensive sum for a poor quality job. I would not even give my pupil a lesser mark if he showed me such work. Quite underwhelming.

Customer Service Agents

I began by asking numerous questions to determine how they serve their clients and visitors. They also propose a number of fantastic methods to entice me to place a purchase. However, when I received a poor-quality paper and contacted them to dispute it, they were unresponsive. GrabMyEssay.com was unable to resolve my issue.


Furthermore, they did not bother to set up a 24/7 service, so I had to wait for an email answer for around 5 hours. Finally, I received a mail stating that there are no such reductions and that I will not receive any modifications due to my package choices.

Final Thoughts

I’m not going to hire them again. I say this not because I received a high-priced paper, but because they sell low-quality paper at a high price. Personally, I no longer want them to function. Rather than GrabMyEssay.com, I would prefer to use such classic writing services.


As a result, I would advise you to avoid using GrabMyEssay. If you’re seeking for an expert to assist you in writing a high-quality paper, this is not the place to go.

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