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EssayShark.com Review

EssayShark.com Review
EssayShark.com Review

Service Review

I was very optimistic about this service. The website itself is quite lovely, and having the option to pick your own writer does seem appealing. However, when I looked over EssayShark.com, I found that I was loving it less and less. Since it is a bidding service, the pricing are unclear. These authors are independent contractors who lack the necessary training for the subjects they write about. Their profiles don’t mention their schooling, so you’re not even sure if they have a degree.


Overall, EssayShark was a poor experience. For more information, see my review.


When placing an order, you have the option of selecting the type of paper. The services offered are diverse enough. Essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, case studies, annotated bibliographies, article reviews, speeches and presentations, and more are all included.


Additionally, the dropdown menu includes the option “other,” so you can almost order anything. You just place the order a

Price Review

I anticipated that EssayShark.com would be less expensive than more established writing services. I thought the writers would set reasonable fees because they are in a competitive market. That is not true. My article had a 10-day deadline, and the lowest price I received was $20. That is even more expensive than standard writing services, and there is no discount offered here.


Why does this matter? For a service that was actually professional, I wouldn’t mind spending extra. You squander time with EssayShark, though. Before selecting the writer, you must wait for the bids and check the order histories of the contenders. I spent the whole day doing that.

Content Quality

I received a straightforward 5-paragraph essay. The paragraphs were symmetrical and the structure was pleasing. There was a thesis statement that was fairly clear and strong supporting evidence. It appeared to be a good paper at first. But the author didn’t bother to add any original ideas to the discussion. It was a lifeless essay. It was a rebuilt Wikipedia page, and the reference list even listed Wikipedia as a source.


I don’t believe my money would be well spent on such an essay.

Customer Service Agents

On this website, there is no round-the-clock customer care. The customer’s profile includes a chat option that connects them with the writer directly. My writer, however, did not respond at all. I gave him further directions and asked specific questions about the progress, but he just kept saying, “Ok, fine.” It appeared to me that he didn’t comprehend English.

Final Thoughts

It wasn’t too horrible, the paper. I would rate it a 6 out of 10. The service’s other features, however, were all troublesome. There are no professional writers on the staff of EssayShark.com. Taking all of this into account, the bids are typically excessively expensive, and discounts are unlikely.


My money would be better spent on a dependable traditional agency that would right away assign a dependable writer to my project. There weren’t many possibilities when I had to pick my own writer from EssayShark, yet I still chose incorrectly.

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