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EssayService.com Review

EssayService.com Review
EssayService.com Review

Service Review

My initial impression of the EssayService.com website was that it was a highly professional organisation that provided excellent writing services. Keep in mind that I had no prior knowledge of this website before discovering of its existence and deciding to write a review about it.


The website’s design is exactly what I’d expect from a modern business. It’s simple to navigate and find the most crucial information with just a few mouse clicks. When I ordered an essay to check out their writing for myself, my initial joy gradually faded.

To continue assisting students in their search for the top academic writing services available online, I produced this EssayService.com review to provide additional information about this firm.

Prices Review

When I noticed the costs for Essay Service, I became concerned about the quality of their work. You’d pay only $18.53 per page if you wanted a paper completed quickly and got a college-level essay with a 6-hour deadline. This is a bargain when compared to the prices charged by practically every other writing service.

What piqued my interest was the fact that you can choose a 2-month deadline for essay writing assistance. It’s unclear why this option was added because this is presumably something that no student ever does. Also, despite the fact that there should be, there is no pricing difference between an essay with a two-week deadline and one with a two-month deadline. After all, the deadline you select has a direct bearing on the service’s cost.

There were a lot of things about the price plan that didn’t make sense to me, so I decided to order an essay and check the quality myself. And the paper they produced for me was precisely what I had hoped for. The essay appeared to have been authored by a non-native English speaker and was riddled with errors.

Services Features

The list of services they provide was the first item I looked at on their website. This organisation, like most academic writing services today, offers a variety of possibilities to its customers. You can quickly place an order for assistance with an essay, research paper, dissertation, presentation, case study, or pretty much any other form of school assignment.

I saw that they also offer a rewriting service for students who already have a draught of their paper but need it thoroughly revised and improved. Customers who have written and virtually finished a paper on their own but lack the time or energy to revise it can use the editing service.

Regardless of the assignment, you need help with, you’ll have the option to choose the academic level you want it written at. The academic levels on the website include school, college, university, master’s, doctorate.

Customer Support Agents

When I received the essay I had ordered and began to regret my decision to acquire it, I decided to see what other people had to say about the website. I instantly discovered a slew of unfavourable Essay Service reviews online, as I had expected. Many of them centred on students’ negative experiences with customer service employees on this website.

I began to learn more about the firm and discovered that their essay writing services come with a money-back guarantee. Customers could seek and receive a complete refund if they received a poorly written paper, according to the website. According to the directions on their website, I should contact their customer support team for more information. That’s precisely what I did.

Even though they claim to have 24/7 online help, it’s been three days since I requested a refund and no answer from customer service. I began to worry, “Is EssayService.com legit?” at this point. The support employees acknowledged that my request had been rejected when they eventually answered to me through email after three days. I received no explanation and was unable to contact them again.

EssayService.com Review – Final Thoughts

Even though I had a negative experience with this academic writing business, I’d be lying if I said their website didn’t impress me. I still think the design is cool, but virtually everything else about this website is terrible. They may appear to be a competent and dependable writing service, but their writers are definitely not native English speakers.

The prices are strangely cheap, most likely to entice people in. If you’ve ever utilised essay writing services before, you’ll know that the industry average is significantly higher than the prices charged by this organisation. The worst aspect of this website is its customer service, which is unresponsive and unhelpful.

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