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EssayHave.com Review

EssayHave.com Review
EssayHave.com Review

Service Review

Over 500 writers work for EssayHave, which offers over 80 subject areas. The business’s adaptability is a positive indicator. That so many pupils are interested in it does not surprise me.


One of those services that have been available for a long time. According to the website’s details, Essay Have was established in 2008. However, it wasn’t able to develop the same kind of stellar reputation as other veteran programs.


Many students believe that EssayHave.com is a new service because they haven’t heard of it.


Online reviews for Essay Have are conflicting. While some students come back for more papers, others are less than pleased with the authors. I wanted to confirm the level of quality they provide.


The services list on EssayHave.com is quite awesome. This business has extensive industry knowledge. The team has found out how to meet the pupils’ needs by this point.


Essays, dissertation chapters, term papers, capstone projects, presentations, and many other forms of material are included in the list of services.


The following services are just a few of those that aren’t offered by the majority of other websites: poem, diary entry, personal reflection, and outline. It won’t be simple to find any of these services on other websites if you require them.


But take caution! I must caution you that a company’s inclusion of a number of services in its portfolio does not necessarily imply that it is excellent at providing those services. Sadly, EssayHave doesn’t provide good quality for the price.

Price Review

The starting price for the 14-deadline in High School quality is simply $15 per page. I came to understand that it’s not the most reasonably priced service I’ve seen as they went along. Actually, $63 per page for a 4-hour deadline seems like a fairly excessive fee. This price will be justified if the quality is high.


The fact that you cannot select a dissertation at the High School or Undergraduate level in the system pleased me. Additionally, the earliest deadline won’t be available if you desire more pages.


The discount scheme is special. You do not receive a fixed reduction that lowers your overall cost by a specific percentage. On your initial order, you receive one page for free. To receive such a discount, you must order more than one page, though. I requested a three-page essay, but I didn’t receive one for free. So there is no discount available to you if you need a brief essay.


There is also no discount for repeat customers. Just bizarre, that. Despite having been in the business for so long, EssayHave.com has failed to develop a strong consumer following.


It turns out that this is among the most expensive services offered in the sector.

Content Quality

I bought an essay so I could give you the most thorough EssayHave review possible.


I was shocked by the poor quality I got. I anticipated this to be a service with qualified professionals on staff. They claim to have assembled skilled authors in more than 50 subjects. For my essay, I stuck with a straightforward subject: political science. It is expressly mentioned on the website as a particular area of expertise for the team.


I placed an order for an article on the political drivers behind any ongoing violence in Africa. I gave the writer room to get more precise with this subject. But I was very clear: I want the author to pick a contemporary issue and explain the political context in which it occurred.


I received a wide essay that discussed the political motivations behind all violent conflicts in general. The page he used for paraphrase was simple to locate; it is titled Causes of Armed Conflict. The author copied and paraphrased a taxonomy of general causes.


This is hardly the kind of stuff that warrants a price tag of $100 or more.

Customer Support Agents

The live chat works okay. It is slow, and before you can use the feature, you must fill out a short form. However, when I asked a query, the representatives answered right away. The only issue was that they did nothing in response to my request for a correction.


I sent a thorough message outlining the issues with the essay. I received a little edit that mentioned a specific conflict, but the remaining material was left alone and was irrelevant.

Final Thoughts

The website makes some impressive claims. You feel more secure when you realize that it has been available for many years. But when measured against other industry veterans, the business does poorly.

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