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EssayEdge.com Review

EssayEdge.com Review
EssayEdge.com Review

Service Review

EssayEdge.com ReviewIt is not surprising that many people avoid essayedge.com even before learning the specifics because there is so little information available on the website. The vital details a consumer needs to make a selection are not available unless you get in touch with EssayEdge’s agents, making it one of the most difficult critiques I’ve ever published.  The exact list of services is not made particularly apparent in the text of Essay Edge, but I think I can give you a general notion. You must first examine the categories listed in the homepage’s tab, i.e. Graduate, collegiate, legal, medical, and academic writing programs. For more information, including pricing, select the academic writing choice or level.


Imagine my shock when I learned that this isn’t even a writing service. Instead, at a very expensive cost, this ororganizationly provides editing and proofreading services for the papers you have previously produced.

Price Review

I initially believed there were no prices to be seen, but it turns out they are just difficult to locate. As I previously stated, you must first enter the website for the particular academic level or select “academic writing” to view the price list. There are three price tiers for all services: proofreading, standard, and premium.


These are meant to be packages, but the first one just consists of proofreading a work that “needs a little polish.” Except if you want to pay extra to receive a 24-hour delivery, all of these have a 48-hour deadline.


The charges at Essay Edge are astronomically high and based on reviews from other customers, I’m not the only one who agrees. I think that paying $59 to proofread a 300-word essay is so exorbitant that you might be able to obtain the same essay produced from scratch for less money. And in this case, you’ll need one to obtain a “quick polish.” The bad news is that prices are only going up. The base package is $119 for 300 words and includes proofreading, helpful criticism, and “content and tone to help you write.”

Content Quality

As I previously stated, this is more of a “service quality” than a “content quality” because there is no content present. You already know that I don’t read enough reviews of Essay Edge, therefore to show you everything that the company has to offer, I paid an exorbitant price to have a paper that I purposefully put problems in proofreading.


The last choice is too expensive for any student’s budget, so I went with the regular option instead. I was asked to pay an additional $59 for a rush delivery within 24 hours, on top of the already high price of almost $200.

What I received was an improved essay that had been thoroughly proofread and was error-free. Nothing was done to polish the essay besides proofreading. Like I did, you were incorrect if you believed that this company offered full editing at that price.

Customer Support Agents

I got in touch with the EssayEdge.com representatives to find out what they have to say because there were no discounts available and I was very disappointed when I received the paper. It turned out that they didn’t bother setting up a 24/7 service, thus I had to wait 9 hours for a reply to my email. Finally, I learned that there are no reductions and that, as a result of my package selection, I am not entitled to any changes.

EssayEdge Review – Final Thoughts

Essay Edge is not the firm to work with if you’re seeking someone to assist you with writing a paper. Not because they provide poor papers, but rather because they provide no papers at all, is why I say this. All you can obtain is a service that combines editing and proofreading into a few packages, which is far too expensive to take into account.


As a result, I am unable to suggest EssayEdge to you because their prices are too high for the quality of their services.

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