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Essaybot.com Review

Essaybot.com Review

Essaybot.com Review
Essaybot.com Review

Service Review

When you first visit the Essaybot website, you’ll see that it’s an essay tool rather than an essay service. However, you’ll also read something that I discovered is false: the tool is free to use. I can’t think of a reason why a corporation would repeatedly state that its services are free, only to demand money afterwards. The worst thing is that you only know this after you’ve used the tool and are unable to download it without paying.

First and foremost, though. Before we get into the technicalities of the purchase process, let me tell you what the firm provides in my essay bot review.

I wouldn’t call what this website performs a service, but for the sake of this review, let’s call it that. This is an artificial intelligence tool that is designed to assist you as you write. The EssayBot tool provides the following features:


  1. Database with limitless searches
  2. Suggestions for auto-writing
  3. Plagiarism checker with options
  4. Citations in MLA and APA
  5. Checker for grammar
  6. Downloads of unlimited essays


You’ll see that I didn’t utilise the ‘top-notched’ grammar checker before publishing the webpage. I decided against it because the grammar checker is at best poor. There’s nothing exceptional about it, as I’ll explain in the quality part.

Prices Review

You can use Essay Bot to compose an essay and get ideas right now, but you’ll have to pay for downloads and the rest of the tools. This is especially aggravating considering the website claims to be free. It’s just one giant con.


It is not at all expensive in terms of price. You must pay $2.95 for a week, $9.95 for a month, or $59.40 for a year to acquire the unlimited access they advertise. I strongly advise you to investigate the long-term possibilities before proceeding.

Content Quality

The quality of the text will mostly be determined by you as the writer, although I’ll gladly discuss the quality of the services offered on this website. To begin, the website will provide you with ideas as you type. We all know how it works because this isn’t a real human, but a machine. Many of the recommendations will be absurd, but others will be useful.


After that, there’s a grammar checker. You may certainly utilise it, but you shouldn’t place too much faith in it. I’ve discovered a lot of errors using more complex grammar checks, so I’d prefer spend my money there next time.

The citation generator comes next. This section appealed to me, however it might use some little cleaning. Even still, paying the full price only for one function is absurd. You may absolutely find it for free online — and for genuine free, not as they claim on this page.


Finally, there’s the plagiarism checker and the search database with no limits. The latter is a straightforward Google search. Why would you pay for it when a search engine will suffice? The plagiarism checker is adequate, but not particularly sophisticated. It still missed certain instances of plagiarism, and after verifying with more powerful tools, I’m not convinced that this is a good alternative.

Customer Support Agents

There isn’t any support here, if you believed there was. This was a brilliant technique for someone to get money by doing nothing. The site employs artificial intelligence, so you’ll be dealing with a machine. If you don’t like what the machine does, there’s no one to complain to. We attempted to contact someone, but no one responded to the website’s single contact mechanism — an email address.

Since this isn’t a writing service, as I initially assumed, I don’t understand how you can resolve any concerns after you’ve paid. The stupidest part is that I read some internet remarks, which I now know are phoney, claiming that this is a writing service. Some even stated that the writer performed an excellent job on their paper?!


Before making a selection, it’s much more crucial to evaluate each website’s reputation, as well as the site itself.

Essay Bot Review – Final Thoughts

Essaybot.com is not the sort of service I was anticipating. This is a bot that is designed to assist you in detecting plagiarism, searching for papers, correcting errors, and providing valuable recommendations. However, they lie about it being free, and the tool isn’t all that useful. As a result, I strongly advise against it.


Since a result, I strongly discourage you from using EssayBot, as the service’s quality is not worth your time or money.

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