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Essay-company.com Review

Essay-company.com Review
Essay-company.com Review

Service Review

When reviewing client feedback for Essay-company.com, the first thing that struck me was the prevalence of concerns regarding hidden expenses. This struck me as odd at first, because users of the website had access to a whole pricing list. But then I came across a sentence that said, “The precise amount will be computed after order confirmation,” which just added to our skepticism.


Does this imply that the service is more expensive than advertised? While browsing their website, waiting for my paper, and reviewing the given content, I learned a lot about essay-company.com. You will also learn a lot if you read this essay-company.com review.

Essay-Company has a decent selection of papers, but I wouldn’t call it vast. This is not the firm you use if you purchase papers on a frequent basis, with about a dozen sorts of services available and the opportunity to acquire distinct dissertation chapters. The majority of the services in the calculator are dissertation chapters, while the remainder are the most common papers found in every writing business online.


However, this does not imply that the service is poor. On the other hand, some firms want to provide a restricted choice to assure the quality of their products, and you may be looking at one of them.

Prices Review

A page of information for $11.30 is a fantastic deal, but double-check the list! This fee applies to high school papers due in two weeks, and how many high school papers are due in that time frame? The deadline option for this level is odd, and it’s most likely a ruse to give you the idea that this firm is extremely inexpensive.

Even if the costs are no longer as low, they are still inexpensive when the unrealistic ordering alternatives are removed. A high school assignment, for example, is more likely to be assigned with a one-week deadline, and this document would cost $15.95 per page. A college paper costs $17.95, an undergraduate paper costs $19.95, a master’s paper costs $25.95, and a PhD paper costs $26.95.

If you can add a reduction to this provided price, this would be an excellent investment in high-quality papers. Unfortunately, the only discount available at Essay-Company is a 10% first-time discount, which is instantly applied to your transaction.


There is no additional discount available with this service, even if you are a frequent client.

Content Quality

I placed an order to see if the pricing discrepancies were accurate. I received the final quotation from the firm after we completed the form and provided the payment card information. This quotation was similar to the previous one, but before purchase, I was offered the chance to pick from a variety of additional premium services. Although most firms provide them for free, you may have to pay a fee to acquire certain extra features with your order. Otherwise, hidden expenses are not a major concern, and you must still authorize payment before it is given to the writer.

Still, the content quality was alarming, and the cost was no longer the most pressing worry. My writer completed the study paper I requested in four days rather than five, which was excellent. However, it appeared like he hurried the writing because the paper was of poor quality.

Customer Support Agents

The agents I interacted with were kind and quick to respond to my queries. All I received for mentioning the poor paper quality was a revision, and I had to wait a long time for the agency to make such an offer.

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