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EduGeeksClub.com Review

EduGeeksClub.com Review
EduGeeksClub.com Review

Service Review

Edugeeksclub.com may be able to help you out. You can rely on this internet writing service for assistance with your academic needs. I had to seek assistance from a writing service, and I discovered EduGeeksClub. They sold me an essay, and guess what? I was delighted with the service!


I had great expectations for this service, and I was not disappointed. On their homepage, they list their rates clearly. Expert writers are also used. They claim to exclusively assign PhD-certified writers to the projects; however, while we can’t confirm this, the quality is definitely up to par.


You must choose the service you need at Edugeeksclub.com, enter the deadline and page number, and you will be given information about the pricing and the writer. You must choose a writer and move forward. They offer services like composing dissertations and essays, term papers, assignments, research papers, case studies, etc. That many services is a lot. Students in high school and college can get assistance from them.

They are dedicated and make an effort to learn what their clients’ needs are. I thought their service was excellent. I can state that they make an effort to meet the needs of their customers.

Price Review

Their default currency is the US Dollar. Nevertheless, people have a choice of four different currencies. They have a clear price and no additional fees. An article on anthropology was my order. Within ten days, I requested four pages. I was billed $68 for the service. which is far greater than the market rate. However, I was curious to see if they would satisfy me. They did. The essay they provided me with made me very happy.


There is also a discount! On the initial order, EduGeeksClub offers a 15 percent discount. However, you can discover that it is still more expensive than those of many other service providers. But they make up for it with their service.

Content Quality

I think my essay is of very high quality. I’d rate it a 9 out of 10. Even if they charge extremely much, these days it’s difficult to obtain a paper that’s a 9 out of 10. The edugeeks claim that everyone of their writers is a PhD. Given the high calibre of the writing, it might be accurate. The writing has a distinct character. The article was flawlessly written and free of grammatical errors. I didn’t even have to touch the essay with my hand.


I got the impression that the author had a solid command of the English language. It was not a rewritten essay, and there was no plagiarism. It was an entirely original essay.

Customer Support Agents

The customer service agents are available online at all times. They offer a chatbox where you can always engage in live chat with the agents. I had to talk to EduGeeks multiple times during the day and evening. Their leaders responded to me right away. They carefully considered all of my requests and forwarded them to my writer. The essay was written just as I instructed the author to do.

Final Thoughts

Edugeeksclub.com is simple to use. They feature an efficient and rapid ordering system. Additionally, the communication mechanism is swift. You can speak with them live without sending any letter. It so saves time in all respects. They provide excellent service in general. With their service, I’m pleased.


Due to all of this, I can suggest Edugeeksclub as one of the top online dissertation and essay writing service providers to students.

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