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CustomWritings.com Review

CustomWritings.com Review
CustomWritings.com Review

Service Review

Wouldn’t it be nice to see some samples of the writers’ work before they start working on your order? Everyone would, but I don’t understand how this is possible, given that the firm allocates the writer depending on their availability and your specifications. It turns out that you can look at the authors’ samples on the website, but only if you pay an additional $5. As a result, they will choose a writer for you and charge you to verify his credibility.

This irritated me, but it is by no means a compelling cause to abandon the project. As a result, I continued my investigation and created a comprehensive CustomWritings.com review for your consideration.

CustomWritings.com offers a wide range of services, and it isn’t only a firm committed to assisting students. They generate press releases, e-mail campaigns, landing sites, and blog posts for customers that require them in addition to offering academic papers. When you add in the editing and proofreading services, you have one of the most comprehensive lists available.


Most businesses compile lengthy lists to fulfil the demands of their target market, but this business went above and beyond, expanding their target market even farther. I was concerned about their capacity to manage so many various sorts of services with only a little more than 500 authors on board.

Prices Review

Interestingly, CustomWritings.com appears to cater to virtually everyone who need material, yet the price list is just for students. The price is determined by the amount of pages, the deadline, and the academic level.


You may be eligible for a discount based on the number of pages you print and the amount of money you spend with the firm. These reductions are not part of a loyalty programme like those offered by other firms, but rather bulk savings that begin to be applied to your order after your total exceeds $500. This is an absurdly low discount offer that is nearly difficult to meet. Even if you do, you’ll only receive 5% off if you spend $500, and you’ll need to spend over $1000 and $2000 to get 10% and 15% off, respectively!

Fortunately, the costs are already reasonable, so you may not require these bulk reductions. Nonetheless, the lack of a reward programme is a significant drawback for individuals who plan to order frequently, as many other services do.


I’m going to disappoint you if you’re a new client expecting for a special deal. You can’t expect to obtain one as a new client because there isn’t any incentive for regular consumers.

Content Quality

“Well, at least the quality must be decent,” I reasoned, since there were no reductions. However, the quality is as good as the CustomWritings internet reviews claim – it is ordinary.


Because the degree of plagiarism in it is prohibited in most academic institutions and would result in pupils receiving a very low score and a bad reputation, even average may be overstated. Furthermore, the writers’ writing abilities are weak, which is why I said mediocre in the first place.

Customer Support Agents

Fortunately, the live chat employees are really quick and competent, and I received clearance for a free revision nearly quickly. Still, it didn’t help much because the writer was ‘not accessible’ at the time, so I had to wait 24 hours for them to be able to contact him. When he finally got around to my work, all he did was erase the plagiarism I had discovered and denounced, and that was all.

Final Thoughts

The variety of services and customer service are the two positive aspects of purchasing here, although they are insufficient. Without competitive pricing and high-quality paper, a firm would struggle to gain traction in this industry.

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