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Academized.com Review

Academized.com Review
Academized.com Review

Service Review

I believe that students who haven’t used Academized are becoming more and more interested in it.


It might be a result of effective marketing or website design. Facebook has been constantly showing me advertisements.


Why did I say that students who have never used the service find it to be popular? – Since most people who try it don’t recommend it. Numerous Academized evaluations can be found online, and they are generally unfavorable. I decided to investigate. I placed an essay order here. I had a good initial impression of the website, but the outcome tainted it. Continue reading as I discuss the specifics of my assessment.


Academized.com offers six different kinds of writing services generally:


  • Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Math/science
  • Copywriting
  • Rewriting \sEditing


Most students don’t know what copywriting is. A service for website owners is offered here. They ask the company for content for their landing pages, and the writers follow their directions to provide it.


Rewriting is another unique service type on the list. I’ll take this chance to remind you never to use internet rewriting services. Copying is plagiarism. Your teachers don’t like it, so don’t bring it up. Yes, the content will be crafted to evade plagiarism checking software. However, the concepts and justifications will be lifted from readily accessible sources. Most likely, your lecturers have already read those materials.

Price Review

Prices at Academized.com are comparable to industry averages.


The following quality levels are available to you: High School, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master’s, and Doctoral. There are options for deadlines ranging from 14 days to 3 hours.


The pricing for an essay with a 14-hour deadline and a High School level of quality is the most reasonable. Each page just costs $12.99. You’ll pay $53.99 per page for doctoral quality with a three-hour deadline.


Discounts from Academized are consistently good. The first order is discounted by 15%. Based on the total amount of pages you order, there is a loyalty program. You can be eligible for discounts of 5 percent, 10 percent, or 15 percent if you’re a frequent customer.

Content Quality

I gambled and ordered a Master’s level paper. It’s an expensive order at $35.99 per page for the 48-hour deadline.


In 48 hours, I didn’t receive the document. The author took twice as long. Due to the busy season, the customer support representative mentioned that it was challenging for them to find a writer for my project. What?! Why does it matter whether a business is busy? Orders must arrive on schedule for everyone.


The standard was below par. Not awful at all. It was not, however, of Master’s caliber required original information that had been created from scratch, but it was clear that the writer had paraphrased a few paragraphs from Wikipedia and other common sources.

Customer Support Agents

They, not I, are at fault. When I looked up other Academized reviews online, I saw that the majority of people experienced issues with the customer care system.


At first, the agents were kind. The crew gave me a prompt and emphatic “YES” when I asked whether they could finish my project. But when I called them to ask why there was a delay, their response disappointed me greatly.


I understand that the agent is not at fault. They comply with instructions. It’s the complete Academized.com staff. They make a promise they are unable to keep, and when the damage is done, they do not make it right.

Academized Reviews – Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that the delay allowed me to receive a partial refund, I still do not advise students to utilize Academized.com. Observing deadlines is crucial! You are not allowed to turn in the project if the author doesn’t finish it by the deadline. The deadlines set by professors aren’t willing to be extended.


The paper’s quality was also in question. I requested changes, but the author didn’t give them. The content was original, which they used as yet another defense. I submitted screenshots of Wikipedia demonstrating the content’s rewriting. They provided screenshots of a plagiarism detecting tool to demonstrate that the article did not directly contain any plagiarised material.

I continued by defining plagiarism and describing how I paid for original content. I discovered that I wasn’t getting any modifications from this team after receiving several long emails.


In my book, academicized is a definition of failure.


Because of this, I think that offering a low price is insufficient for a writing service to achieve a high ranking, and it is certainly insufficient for me to suggest Academized to you. Do not approach them.

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