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7DollarEssay.com Review

7DollarEssay.com Review
7DollarEssay.com Review

Service Review

The company’s primary website, 7DollarEssay.com, makes it quite obvious that it offers custom essays, academic papers, and any other kind of content writing services. Their top authors are all native English speakers and possess exceptional writing skills.


Their website was the only thing that motivated me to act. On their website, I discovered a number of advantages, which led me to decide to place an order. I had to complete a research paper that I had ordered properly. I provided them a set of guidelines and urged them to strictly adhere to them when writing. However, what they did was utterly infuriating. Allow me to go into great detail.

Numerous writing services are offered on the 7DollarEssay.com website, including the writing of articles, assignments, admission essays, book reviews, case studies, term papers, research papers, homework, PowerPoint presentations, speeches, and more. Additionally, you can observe on their home page that they provide a service of free order creation, meaning a person can make an order first and then pay once the work is guaranteed to be completed. They guarantee that they only provide quality services, however in my instance, that was not the case.

Price Review

On their website, they failed to explain a price list. They just specified a $7 cost for one page, which I believe to be accurate. However, there are situations when a low price clearly indicates a bad-quality item. That’s what happened to me, too. Compared to other writing businesses, I found 7DollarEssay’s services to be very inexpensive. I was confidence in their services after reading the website. Sincerably, the cost was reasonable and suited my spending strategy. But I would never want to use these services simply because they were inexpensive. Even so, I would have paid if they had helped me find a better choice.

Content Quality

Worst!! Not a single point is satisfactory. They didn’t even adhere to a straightforward directive that I provide in my demand section. First of all, there were several flaws, including grammar mistakes, bad sentence organisation, zero punctuation, missing prepositions, and paragraphs that did not even match one other. I believe the author of this essay does not speak English as a first language, indicating that they are not native English speakers. When I sent it back for editing, it arrived just as it had been sent.

Customer Service Agents

Everything went good and smooth prior to receiving a paper. They even make an effort to assist me with any ideas I have. They responded quickly and with great courtesy. But when I discovered a bad document and inquired about it, everything started to change. I had to wait a while before I could obtain an answer to my issue. But no one offers to assist me. They even refused to issue me a refund. A document I received was complete junk, therefore I didn’t utilise it.

Final Thoughts

A truly awful experience! I’m not pleased at all with 7DollarEssay.com’s service. The paper was completely unusable, and I had to spend twice as much for it than when I ordered it elsewhere. The research was not at all what I was asked to do. On the due date, I received a paper that was inaccurate and I was unable to use it.


Because of this, if you’re seeking for a top calibre writing service, I strongly advise that you avoid 7DollarEssay.

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