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1ws.com Review

1ws.com Review
1ws.com Review

Service Review

The choice of the name 1ws.com is certainly unusual, but as soon as I accessed their website, I understood that it had a fascinating connotation. The ‘first writing service’ is the name of the website. This does not imply that it was the first writing service on the market, nor does it imply that it is the best. I’m not sure why the firm has this name at this moment. Regardless, I was more interested in learning about the company’s quality and services, as well as its consumer price. Continue reading this review if you want to discover more.

To say the least, the range of services provided by 1ws is astounding. They provide a wide range of academic papers, as well as special projects such as speeches, other sorts of business writing, admission services, dissertations, and editing and proofreading. This isn’t simply a student-oriented service; they also write speeches and business ideas.

Prices Review

It may not be the finest in terms of quality, but when it comes to price, this firm is undoubtedly one of the best. It signifies they have incredibly low pricing as compared to the market’s affordability. For students, a quote that is less than $10 per page without any further reductions is fantastic news and perhaps a sufficient reason to stop looking. This is an even stronger motivation for me to investigate more, mostly since such pricing aren’t realistic enough to persuade me that the organisation employs highly skilled authors.

The lowest price for a page in their pricing table is $9.97. This fee is for undergraduate students with a two-week deadline for an essay at this academic level. The price gradually decreases until it reaches only $31 per page for the same paper with a 6-hour deadline, which is more than half the price of most high-rated providers.


This made me even more sceptical of the quality, which is why we went outside of the website to continue our search. Although the testimonials on their website are fantastic and the rates are unquestionably reasonable, this organisation has one of the lowest student ratings I’ve ever seen.

You’ll be even more pleased to learn that these rates come with some excellent savings. They aren’t lifetime savings, but they do apply to orders of $500 or more (which, at current rates, is pretty difficult to achieve). Even so, this was also unexpected.

Content Quality

When I understood what type of cost and reputation 1ws had online, this was the component that piqued my curiosity the most. Outside of the website, everything was exactly as I had read online, which was a tremendous letdown. Unlike the glowing recommendations that would lead anyone to believe they’ll receive excellent papers, I received something dreadful.

To say the least, the quality was poor. It didn’t have the word count I expected — it was 50 words shorter. This wouldn’t be as serious if the quality wasn’t so poor to begin with. Most of the time, I couldn’t grasp what the author of the article was saying. It seemed as if he was writing in another language or didn’t know how to write in English at all. Editing it would be a waste of time because none of it had been proofread.

Customer Support Agents

Because the problems I was having with the content were so serious, I decided to contact 1ws.com support right away. The live chat is a bot that never connects you to a real person and provides you with automatic responses that aren’t very helpful. As a result, I chose the phone option. You can send them a message expressing your concern and request that they call you. However, no one ever phoned me after that, most likely because I requested a free rewrite and, at the very least, a partial refund.

Final Thoughts

Some aspects of 1ws.com are particularly impressive, such as their service list and cost. However, they have fallen short on the two most critical factors that determine whether or not a writing service is worth your money: quality and assistance. The quality is one of the poorest I’ve seen so far, with papers that aren’t very thorough and writers that have an extremely awful writing style. To make matters worse, no one is available to fix such concerns, which, according to other customers, occur frequently.

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